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Sexual Disorders
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Sexual Aversion Disorder: No desire for sex     

Sexual Aversion Disorder is a psychological disorder that comes in the category of sexual dysfunctions. In this disorder the individual shows extreme aversion to all forms of sexual contact and activity. It can become a distressing condition and interfere with the emotional and sexual functioning of the individual. Individuals affected by this disorder avoid all forms of sexual activity including foreplay, kissing caressing and might find the sight of sperm or the genitals quite repulsive.

Causes of sexual aversion disorder:

Insufficient lubrication which may occur in the absence of enough foreplay and is also caused by various other factors such as lowered levels of estrogen after menopause, childbirth or breastfeeding.

Intake of various medications such as antidepressants, drugs for high blood pressure, birth control pills.

Pain during sex following a pelvic surgery, accident, episiotomy. Etc.

Vaginal infection such as eczema, urinary tract infection, candidiasis, chlamydia thrychomonas, endometriosis etc.

Anxiety, stress, depression

Unresolved relationship issues

History of sexual or physical abuse in the past leading to negative memories about sexual intercourse.

Intake of alcohol or cigarette smoking.

Diseases affecting the nervous system such asmultiple sclerosis, strokes and injuries of the spinal cord are also a contributory factor.

Enlargement of the prostrate gland in men, surgeries of the pelvic region and genital diseases are some of the contributory factors.

Symptoms of sexual aversion disorder:

The individual despises the sight of sperm, genitals and is repulsive to kissing, caressing, fondling etc.

In case, sexual activity does being, he/she wishes for it to end at the earliest.

The individual may express a strong need for intimacy prior to indulging in sexual activity.


Treatment of sexual aversion disorder includes administration of medication and psychotherapy or a combination of both. In case of any psychological issues, both partners are taught to communicate with each other and resolve any underlying issues and conflicts. Medications are also prescribed to treat depression, stress and anxiety.


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