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Frotteurism: A criminal offense     

Frotteurism is a disorder in which an individual’s sexual pleasure or gratification centers on rubbing the genitals against another non-consenting person, usually in a crowd. The individual being rubbed is known as the victim and the person who practices frotteurism is called a frotteur. Frotterurism is a paraphilia, a disorder characterized by a group of persistent sexual behavior patterns in which unusual objects, rituals or situations are required for full sexual satisfaction. Although mild forms of these conditions probably have occurred in the lives of many normal people, a paraphilic person is distinguished by the insistence and relative exclusivity with which his or her sexuality focuses on the acts or objects in question, without which orgasm is often impossible.

Characteristics of Frotteurism:

In this disorder, the individual rubs the hands or genitals against another person or victim in order to achieve sexual arousal.

This contact may involve touching any part of the body including the genitals.

This is a non-consensual act and may be dome secretively without the identity of the frotteur being disclosed or in circumstances where the victim is unable to respond, typically in a public or crowded place such as a train, bus or concert.

The most common form of frotteurism is rubbing the genitals against the victim’s hips or thighs. Another form may include rubbing the hands over the victim’s genitals or breasts.

Most of the frotteurs are males and the majority of victims are females. Adult on child frotteurism is considered to be an early stage in child sexual abuse. Females on males frotteurs also exist. This nonconsensual sexual contact is considered to be a criminal offense and is a form of sexual assault.

Causes of Frotteurism:

There is nor specific cause that has been established for the development of this disorder. However, accidental touching of another’s genitals that the individual finds exciting may be one of the most common causes of frotteurism. Consecutive repetitions of the act may perpetuate this behavior.


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