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Personality Disorders
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Histrionic (hysterical) personality disorder (HPD)     

Histrionic (hysterical) personality disorder is a personality disorder in which the individual has an excessive attention seeking behavior pattern accompanied by a constant need of approval. He/she may also exhibit inappropriate seductiveness and may feel unappreciated if not the center of attention. Individuals with this disorder have extremely dramatic, over zealous and excessively overenthusiastic behavior patterns. They are capable of luring others into attending to them and fulfilling their demands. These qualities, however, interfere with their interpersonal relationships as most of the time others get tired and frustrated of attending to them or showering them with the kind of attention they demand. This disorder usually develops in early adulthood.

Histrionic personalities are characteristically vivacious, passionate, striking and flirtatious. They tend to act in an inappropriately seductive or sexually provocative manner and have rather theatrical ways of expressing their thoughts or emotions and tend to be easily influenced by others. Histrionic personality disorder is known to affect approximately 2 to 3 percent of the general population and is more common among women.

Characteristics of histrionic personality disorder:

Individuals with this disorder have an attention seeking behavior and come across as dramatic, striking and sexually provocative.

They are usually very charming and lure others with their theatrical expressions and lively styles.

Their speech may be dramatic and capable of influencing others, but it lacks detail.

Their interpersonal relationships are extremely unsettling as they attempt to control their partner through seductive behavior and manipulate them emotionally.

These individuals are highly dependent on others.

Histrionic personalities are self-centered, vain and over concerned about the approval of others.

They are perceived as dishonest, fake and shallow by others.

Histrionic personalities are capable of functioning well at high levels both socially as well as professionally. They are manipulative and diplomatic individuals with good social skills and charisma. However, their high end attention seeking behavior and any sort of losses or failure tend to disrupt the normal functioning of their life and leads to the development of anxiety and depression. These individuals are incapable of handling pressure and often give in to stress.


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