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How to get rid of headache?     

Headache might not be a life threatening condition but may be an indicator of a serious ailment such as hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage, stress, heart disease or tumor. Almost 45 million people in the Unites states are affected by headache each year and research has shown that women are more prone to getting headaches than men.

There are various types of headaches such as chronic tension headaches, cluster headaches, hormonal headaches, sinus headaches and organic headaches. In order to be able to get rid of headache, you must consult a doctor who will help determine the cause of your headache based on which you can get an effective remedy.

How to get rid of headache easily?

There are a number of ways by means of which you can get rid of your headache and live a healthier life.

Medicines: There are various over the counter (OTC) medications that can help provide relief to the pain such as aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen and naproxen sodium. You must however, remember not to take an overdose as it may result in permanent liver damage and can also cause rebound headaches.

Track the headache: One effective way to get a correct diagnosis is to maintain track of the frequency of your headaches and notify your doctor of the same when you go for a check up. You can maintain a diary and record of your headaches indicating their frequency, intensity of pain and precipitating cause.

Revamp your lifestyle: Headaches can be caused due to an unhealthy lifestyle comprising of excessive smoking, caffeine intake, prolonged working hours and intake of an unhealthy diet. You must refrain from consuming too many chocolates, colas and excessive alcohol. Take your meals at a regular time each day and avoid staying hungry.

Get rid of your headache by alternative therapies:

There are various alternative remedies that can help your fight a headache. These include:

Acupressure: This ancient Chinese technique revolves around the application of pressure on various pressure points that trigger headaches. It is best to visit an acupuncture professional to get treated.

Biofeedback: This scientifically validated technique enables you to recognize the signs and symptoms of your body and helps train it accordingly. It enables individuals to understand the various signals the human body gives and effectively trains them to recognize the symptoms of an illness or headache attack.

Yoga and meditation: Yoga and meditation focus on various stretching and deep breathing exercises that are aimed at relaxing the body and mind. This helps one get rid of tension and stress that are known to trigger headaches.

Relaxation and recreation: You need to take out some time for yourself everyday to relax and rejuvenate your mind. You can listen to music, exercise and dance or go for a walk in order to stay stress free and healthy.


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